The Office Visit: A Bucket List Installment ~ Duet

another checked off a list
what’s next? Gotta wait for August.

Thank you again and again M’Bliss, playing in your sandbox is so much fun. Now that I have my very own private office at work, you can imagine where my thoughts have been 😈

Friends. Please dip into the link to Wetbliss. Roam around but be carefull. There should be warning sign on her blog.
Caution: Extremely Wet Floors 💦💧💦💧💦

Wet Bliss

Written by: AntönyRös & Wet Bliss

The July installment of our monthly Bucket List series. We hope y’all are enjoying the adventures of this married couple. Please visit my collaborators site by clicking on his name above.


“Mr. Smith! Mrs. Smith is here to see you”
Send her in, send her in, he repeats with joy
The only time she visits him at work is to fuck
A midday snack, hanky panky in the bosses office
She walks around the desk and sits on top
Millions of dollars in corporate documents
She smells of vanilla and jasmine oil
Intoxicating allure, his thoughts now boil

She eyes her affection, his pressing erection
Sliding off one shoe, thighs part giving a view
Toes dance along zipper as hands easy glide
Up smooth skin coaxing shivers and delighted sighs
Papers crinkle and float to the floor, carelessly
Knees pressed wide apart with an urgency…

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