Finger Snaps

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re altogether ooky,
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

The butler and a cousin
They’re parts of misbehavin’
Second fiddle playin’
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

Wednesday is the cutest
That’s if you like the meanest
Bitch you’ve ever meet-est
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

He’s kind and so sweet-hearted
Keeps creatures in his pocket
Exploding trains and station
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

She’s old and often cranky
The kitchen is her pantry
Where Grandma brews her fancy
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

Festers’ causing trouble
His head is like a bubble
No wonder he sees double
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

She’s a mother to her children
With a manicured garden
His french gets her excited
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

Dark and suave and handsome
Morticia is his goddess
The master of the mansion
The Ad-dams Fam-a-ly

Finger Snaps


Inspired by The Addams Family 1964 series
First verse written by Vic Mizzy, The Addams Family Theme Song 
Question. Did anyone actually read it as a jingle? Sing-a-long? πŸ€”
If you read it again.
Finger Snaps? Snap your fingers twice between verses.

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