Rides The Wave

Rolling sounds, water thrashing
Salty scent, the oceans calling
Gulls by two, squawk at herring
Fading light, sun is setting

Burning need, for loves passion
Simply put, let’s start fucking
Picks her up, to window pressing
She guides his cock, penetrating

She mouthed a moan, purring
Inhaling deep, deep, slurring
Calling his name, yelling
Don’t you stop, commanding

The nerve along his shaft, buzzing
To his belly, with every thrust giving
Tip of his head, vibes swirling
Puffs up a mushroom, swelling

Wraps her legs, on a stallion bucking
Rides the wave, Neptune is smiling
Equal beats, in sync pounding
Deep from the abyss, climaxing

Shivers run from limbs, standing
Heart beat rattles, like F1 racing
Holding tight, her curves caressing
Whispers boldly, mine! loving


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