A Colourful Masterpiece

Your staring at a canvass that is me.
It’s coloured black, blue and a little green.
The edges are torn and frayed with strands of fibres waving with the wind.
It moves enough to say, I love you but not enough for you to hear.
If I were, but brave, a splash of sea blue would roll to a shore.
Lapping at toes, digging deep into the sand.
Bronzed with a sun kissed glow, paints the flesh, a caramel.
Sun light streaks over locks of flowing hair.
Dancing with the breeze, freeze.
I love, looking into your eyes, they hypnotize.
Draws me in like hot red fire.
Crackling pops that sparks.
Shooting, flaming embers into the sky.
Mimics the stars twinkling in space.
Your face.
An angels grace when smiles, moves my heart, beguiled.
Below the layers of loneliness, dark, hooded and weak.
Painted over desires want.
A colourful masterpiece.


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