Take A Ride With Me

Neon purple lights, strung like patio lanterns
Setting down a glow, illuminating patterns
Silhouette rings like saturns’
Circling round on the ground, scattered

Flaming a bowl, inhaling peace
Take it in, let it rest with ease
Blowing out the stress, release
Catching a buzz, vibrating beats

Silence, fills the air
Yet sounds, are everywhere
The night, brings a longing flair
When a howl at the moon, does stare

To catch the glitter of a shooting star
Wonder, if I hitched along, how far
To the centre of a distant quasar
Would it end the pain from every scar

To believe in a dream of another place
A world beyond the knowledge of earths disgrace
Begin a new, with a smiling face
Where life is loved and embraced