Butterfly’s and Feathered Kisses

Without a thought, in debate
Whether or not, to embrace
Without a question, be it banished
Whether asked, never answered

Without sight, I still see you
Whether masked, or in plain view
Without chance, what is life
Whether lived, once or twice

Without smell, your scent is real
Whether inhaled or surreal
Without a trigger, a memory blast
Whether stopped or carried passed

Without sound, you echo loud
Whether prose or in song endowed
Without words, even silence screams
Whether in wake or slumbers dreams

Without taste the pallet blossoms
Whether sweet or sour, playing possum
Without you, my hunger grows
Whether starved or belly overflows

Without touch, what is there
Whether poor or a millionaire
Without you to fill a beating heart
Whether lost or found, falling apart

Without hope, how could there be
Whether wished or not, a life be free
Without love, that life is lost for want
Whether you believe it or not


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