A lonely castle built by Poe
Words upon pages flow
Hither, tither, to and fro
Beneath a blackbird, stow
The sound of a poets, crow

Please, if it will that I may
Tell a tale of a blackbirds song
Though he may from time to time

The nights are cold in the city
Frost seething down on the ground
Shuffling feet, scraping beat
There ain’t no sunshine coming down
No, tonight, the air wears a frown
Sadness comes from everywhere
It looks at you, it looks at me
Wondering, is anyone free
What if…
A glow in the distance grows
Light against dark in contrast
Turns to a blue, bright as a morning sky
With wisps of puffy white clouds
The sun shining through brings a smile
Survived the journey of a midnight mile
To seize the day, anew
Yesterday, like the wind, blew