Needs To Learn

Breathe, real slow, god my chest is about to burst. The rise of a curtain, exposes my beating heart. The bulge in my pants, screams to be let out. What to do once my eyes see her standing there. How shall I approach this stunning beauty. Not quick like a gazelle and not slow as a hippo, no, graceful yet eager like a young roving tiger. With the coyness to track and the energy to pounce. I’ll show her what this cat can do. Oh my god, who, is gonna fuck whom?
Drops the skirt and steps, side to side. Her hips, ringing a bell, ding-a-ling, holy hell. Hello Mrs Robinson, my eyes, they stare. Oh boy, oh boy, I’m gonna get lucky. The boyish gleam is hidden inside. Below flesh, rattling bones, nerves implode. Frozen like a freezee pop, thawing mouth, melting slop. She leads the show, takes my hand and brings me down. Kneeling on the floor, before her, she pressed, her scent filled my head. Said. One thing a boy needs to learn to become a man. How to please a woman and her honey spot.


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  1. damn, I love this! Especially: Her hips, ringing a bell, ding-a-ling, holy hell.

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