To Stupid To See

We all have an affliction
Tolerance and patience, misdirected
Others first before her own affection
Tired feet, a marathon completed
Steady job or stay at home mom, mistreated
The quiet of the night, a pleasant resurrection
Stilled by the yearning direction
To be touched in exploration
Don’t hide your imperfection
Sagging skin once time had connected
Still craves, desires wanting injection
That feeling of penetration
Deep below the surface, times taken
Cast now in a life forsaken
Electrified sensors, sizzles sin
He, to stupid to see, beauty is found within
Where a hand upon flesh sparks a sensation
Felt, in the throes of loves liberation


6 thoughts on “To Stupid To See

  1. I so adore you, your perceptions, your perspective, your talent … you. ❀

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