Lovingly Yours, Heart and Soul

Dearest Miss,

I find myself repeatedly reminiscing, on a moment in time, my brown eyes found you. They fell in a swoop to the sound of cupids arrow striking my heart. I can tell you that it hurt. As if to show, to feel, the pain one would endure if a love never came true. I can say with such certainty, wages would never be bet against the love, I have for you. Occupied days, filled with menial tasks, when a trade is put to rest, the night fills with your presence. The wonder, would you be on a stroll through a garden path or lost in the pages of a books romantic pass. I find myself again, repeating, letter after letter, in prose or lined in a poems ode. Not enough sonnets written to a sunsets song without the mention of your name, carried long. My heartbeat beats, it pounds, it’s left wanting. The touch, the physical, emotional roller coaster ride that exhilarates the truest point in a state of bliss. That bliss. Would be you, my dearest Miss.

I find myself once more, a bidding I loath. To end this letter, sealed with a kiss, knowing it will never be sent. Stacked in a pine box, trapped in a closed drawer. Forever, never seen nor read. The truth is simple when courage is without test. To say, to feel what the heart bleeds. In silence, kept at lock and key. These words are yours, they’re meant to be set free but the fear in me can’t see. The darkness that clouds the sky above, would be cruel, for me to share with you. I keep you near where my heart feels. Deep inside at the centre of its core. Every thump, doubles in time, when your image appears in my head.

I pray, not to any god, or the one with many names. But pray I do, that I may know, happiness follows you.

Lovingly Yours, Heart and Soul


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