The First Time, I Saw You There 


the first time, i saw you there
words in my head, could not compare
to how beauty, fills this night air

flowers bloom full to the setting suns fall
dusk paints a pink-orange sky for all
a multitude gazing, where i, am drawn to your call

flowing lines, graceful sway, taken by
a piercing arrows cry
from within escapes, my breath to sigh

begging, the will inside to smile
walk that reeking mile
strumming nerves, i perspire

approach with the hope you receive
a fallen blackbird, on this ‘eve
would you, this sorrowful weave

might untangle this mess
to sway with your dress
say yes, say yes

a bolt of lightning strikes
bars of steel like pipes
halting thunder rises up

the fear begins to reason
my heart contempates treason
pulling away beginning to weaken

turn, turn i do, slightly to the side
giving up, quickens my stride
the vision of you slowly dies inside

a scar now left to join others
so many, it resembles a feather
one cut was the deepest ever

a regret that fails to heal
it drips red, were it a quill
as much, were it a blade to kill

the first time i saw you there
hope had a brief stare
from a fool fallen to despair