No Strings To Bind

I woke up this morning
No birds could be heard
The silence was terrifying

Wrinkles on a pillow stained red
A strand of her silky hair lay there
Cherry was the flavour her lips held

A moment of bliss created
A onetime passion unleashed
Hearts lust, sated

To explore every inch that yearns
To be touched, caressed and wanted
Sexual embers flame, it burns

Sending nerves to swerve
Igniting blasts, pulses race
Throes of ecstasy, hugs the curve

Do this, do that, take the chance
Command the right to orchestrate
Let go and take it in the ass

If that’s what you’re into
Twist and turn, copy the stars
Fuck like they do in a porno

No strings to bind
Just a one night stand
Alone, the morning will find


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