I Thought You Were Mine

Hi friends. I stumbled upon a new poet with a flare and passion. Wanted to share her words. They are deep and emotional.
Please visit and follow. Let’s encourage her to find her road wherever it may lead.

Best wishes mandiejean ➰

Poems by Mandy

When I thought you were all mine, and only mine,
You took a knife to split my spine to watch me bleed…
Tears roll down my cheeks, you succeed,
Broke me down for weeks, saw me plead..

I begged and begged for more of you,
I am feeling stupid for nagging too…
Take my wrists and break them in two,
Just like you did my heart, tore it apart…

Drowning in my own tears, my sorrows speak,
I am just a freak, wasted more years…
Meant to be lonely in this wretched world,
My heart has withered, crumbling as I fold..

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