Brittle and Weak

Above the world in deep space
Cold and dark, this lonely desolate place

No sound, a complete loss of touch
The stars, they twinkle so much

Far they are, to far to feel
The one gift God let me keep real

The sight of my eyes
So I may see the earth rise

Witness the love of mankind
As well as destruction, I find

Satan took me in
Committed enough sin

Tested me out
To keep his fire hot

The greatest sin was not believing
In the name of the Lord, living

Failed to comply
With a will that would defy

Both heaven and hell I cursed
To neither, my soul would be owned

The sun, will burn from a blistering core
The moon, would ease cool the sore

Pain is felt by the loneliness of time
Drifting between a nothing line

Wings that will not spread open
Brittle and weak, hangs forgotten