Gawd-damn, We’re Really Humming

I’ll grab you hard, watch your eyes for a sign to pull back. I’ll kiss your mouth, run my tongue in your ear, feel you squirm down there. No need of things that bind. I want you loose, to feel the want, of wanting you. Raise those legs, let me lick along the backs, nibble on your heels, make my way to your toes and suck each one, they’ll wish to explode. Spread them open, get in-between, flick the piggy, I see you getting giggly. Soon it stops as I hold my cock and stroke it gently with your lushish size sevens. Pause for a brief moment, take in what is holding. Laser beam eyes devise a route, journey north towards heaven, to explore and conquer. I crave the taste only you can brew. The aroma is intoxicating, leaving me melting in a pot of whiskey and honey. Lest I forget, make sure to taste your rim, dark and nutty. Drive the rise through a garden party. Flower blooms bright, wet and throbbing. Surf your belly, visit your inny, poke it a little, to make you giggle. Hills are alive, your nubs peaking perky. Squeeze with a twist, bite down so it hurts, just enough to send a spark. Firm yet giggley, a natural beauty. My tip, just inches from your lips that open, it itches to take in a swallow. Glides back and forth, fucking your titties. Grabbing the ass on a forward thrust, deep down the throat in one clean suck. Slowly releasing, your tongue runs swirling, the same you’ve done to ice cream dripping. Pop the head, stroke the girth, take a nibble of the purple monster. Push yourself up, trying to take control. The urge to fuck, so great, you could come with a dick in your mouth. No. Not good enough. Want it all. Filling it in like a jigsaw puzzle. Turn around, doggy style. Plant your face in a pillows comfort. Gawd-damn, we’re really humming.


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