The Bucket List Series ~ Masquerade 

Bucket List Series continues…
Thank you to all who may read and hopefully enjoy.

Head over to Wet Bliss. Soak yourself into her world of sensual exploration. A true artist who paints with words across the sky within the mind and heart

Wet Bliss

A Duet

Written by: AntönyRös & Wet Bliss

Please visit my collaborators site by clicking on his name above

image1Long stemmed roses fill a crystal vase
Shimmers from the Suns radiant visage
Lace, placed, tied around as a ribbon
A note attached, an invitation

Reading, she catches herself whispering,
“I can’t wait,” and tucks the note away
Smelling the flowers, she has an hour
In the shower, fondly thinking of him

A silent ring vibrates, glances at screen,
She smiles at the message, be on time says he
Slips on her dress, silk on silky flesh, heels click
A little girls skip down the yellow brick road

Door Ajar, dings, standing there mask and all
Black glove extended, a sly knowing smile
Takes hand offered, slides into the backseat
Her husband sits across, sight of desire caught

Door closes them in, wheels spin, the game begins
Kato, takes the long way…

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