Circle of Life

Out from the ocean deep
Up a rivers flow, does weep

A journey of life, a cycle comes to end
Pool to pool, navigating drives that dip and bend

A blast to surge, to climb water that falls
Some too weak, drop like balls

Danger lurks with every rise
A waiting bear with hungry eyes

Fills a belly with a mass of salmon
Fatty tissue covers as a blanket

Sleep will come to those who hibernate
Deep in a cave to incubate

Would it be ridiculous for a bear to give thanks
Or any animal that feeds on another in ranks

The distance is great when a purpose consummates
A male and female the formula of life duplicates

Roe upon roe nestled among pebbles
Clouds of semen swim to settle

Burst a bubble with a wiggling tail
A new life lives through a melancholy vale

Death is the price paid to give birth
Replenish to thrive a green earth


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