A night, unlike any other
When intimacies begin to fill
From touch of flesh
When lips meet there
There and there and also there
With each, the sensation peaks
It reeks of sex
The scent escalating
Pores sweetly sweating
Sensually smoldering
Sinfully searing
Slippery slide
Lips that glide along
Every inch
And kissed
Kissed some more
More and more
Could there be more?
The world spins, in your head
Swirling twirling
Vision fades to a shimmering hue
Like on the Fourth of July
Cannons fire, sounding off
A thunderous spasm
Wave after wave
Silk flows


This poem was inspired while waiting in line at a starbucks….i cant believe im saying this lol I must be high πŸ˜˜πŸ’¨

17 thoughts on “Fellatio

  1. So much and so many happens when we are waiting at starbucks.. i too have written a many pieces while waiting myself… cheers to starbucks …where inspiration never runs dry… beautiful work ..

    1. Imagine….a lovely lady sipping on a cappuccino. The curve of her lips with a touch of foam, then licks.
      Hmmmmm idea…
      You draw the sketch….we collaborate on the poem. Interested?
      Mr. M. πŸ™

      1. Mr M. Hope all is well. I have the first stanza done.
        My personal email is. Antony.ros.2015@gmail
        Please email me back at your earliest and please no rush
        I’ll send the first part. I’m Excited.
        Thank you for the op to play with you. πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

      1. Oh, honey, a pussy is a very good thing… Maybe you could if you really were high, lol.

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