To Destiny

Hanging on the edge, with a different point of view
The getting, by another, the same as you
What’s up is up, what’s down is down
Like a smile is to a frown
It’s black and white
It’s day and night
But when two connect
Each other’s backs must protect
High 5’s, the virtual kind
Sharing the same mind
Jabs given in jest
And hugs, when hearts are not at its best
Many friends in parts of the world
But there’s one, that strokes lips, sweetly curl’d
Distance strikes from time to time
Wonders in reason or rhyme
Mine is not to drift and die
But to live and try
Being alone. Does not, sadness make?
Accept. To live with choices made
Some say they get it
Only one knows it
Whose stride glides in a similar gate
Side by side a virtual soul mate
Distance strikes from time to time
The missing truly hurts, so sublime
Until united once again
To laugh aloud at life’s pain
Time apart can heal
Forge a bond of steel
When two hearts beat as one
Under the same moon and sun
Looking at a face never really seen
But lit up, on a, illuminated screen
How would it end if ever met
Pondering, as I light another cigarette
Best leave it as it is
To destiny. Hers and his


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