Let It Go

Stripped of rags that drapes her soul
Releasing the emotions held from clenching toes
A fear of ridicule from those that view
Her every breath, that swirls when she moves
The passion inside fumes under a lead blanket
Suffocating a heart that aches to be, bled free
Under the grace of angel wings, she sees
Letting Go, with loves breeze

A choice given
Given of free will
Will to live
Live under control
Control of a life
Life in freedoms hold
Hold onto a leash
Leash that leads
Leads to happiness
Happiness in bliss
Bliss in His care for her
her patience tested true
True self respect begins
Begins with her choice
Choice given
Given of letting go

The mask we wear to protect
The identity of a floating life
Prancing about, playing the games
In this social community
Letting go as best we can
Expressing thoughts…like those
Exploding in our heads
Delve in a fantasy world of make believe
Stretching the boundaries
All for a voice that sings
From the depths of sadness and despair
To the heights of happiness in loves care

Like a drug from a syringe, as it flows from a needle pierced through flesh
Every drip, making sounds using vowels and consonants
Strung in lines, short and long
Carried on from light to dark
Weaving stories that take us high and low
Waiting for that moment when love is aglow
Like a drug from a syringe, it craves for more and higher
Needing that fix, tuned with licks of a rock hard dick
Reading a story while playing with kitty
Relaxes the mind, for a good nights sleepy
Letting go, so you know, is good for you
Let it go