Poetry Is Love Bleeding

Violins hum, as a crooner sings a raspy tune
He twirls her into his arms
The city lights below glow
Reaching the top where they dance
As if, on the moon

Kiss to kiss
A kiss that sparks a fire
Engulfed by a hazy blaze
That lights a beacon, bright and hoping
Two ships in the night won’t miss

How could it be, is this happening to me
Consumed by this desire
To string and sew words that flow
Creating verses imagined
Reading, rereading, believing in a feeling to see

This line doesn’t work at all
Thank god for copy and paste
How many times have said the head to the heart
Poetry is love bleeding
Ink on pages that make the heart swoon and fall

I regress as I fully understand
This crazy passion for reading and writing
Has consumed and yes doomed
An addicts vice injecting
The drug of poetry beyond any command

Lethal as the cutting edge of a knife
It would penetrate my existence
May I pray, that I may
Find the time to taste
This luscious fruit of life

Until that day arrives in sight
When I sit with a blank stare
And wonder where
All the words have gone
Lost in the dead of night