Rein Me In And Rain On My Reign? ~ 3some collaboration

Judge a book by its cover, you’re a fucker
You think you can rein me in, lead my way
Say whatever the fuck you want to say
You don’t know me, the truth I keep inside
I hide from assholes like you
Narcissistic assholes like you
Rein me in and rain on my reign?
Your fangs drip to suck a life
But all you’ll get from me is my knife.

I’ve met your kind before
You think you’re the first?
Shooting acid with your words
Aiming for me like errant pinballs
In my life I’ve uncovered many stones
At times, underneath crawled poisoned toads
Rein me in and rain on my reign?
Not bloody likely, I don’t fucking think so!
Get ready to fail & fall on my sword

I’ll reign o’re your thoughts like plague to flesh
slowly eat them alive until only woe is left
I’m not your sick interpretation
I’m the definitive superlative final resignation
the new definition for your mental pain
thought you could rein me in and rain on my reign?
I’ll leave you visibly shaken
laugh as you twitch— and as you beg for abjuration;
I’ll just call it a day and smile as men in white drag you away

written by ~
Nathalie of a French girl’s musing

Matthew of This Mortal Flesh

et moi ➰

Dear friends whom I’ve shared a page with and adore, merci, grazie and thank you 

Hope you enjoy, please visit Nathalie and Matthew, not only are they wonderful writers/poets but they are, two fucking amazing souls with heart 

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