She Is The Air

The most invisible weight circles the globe
It stands out front for all to see
Yet no one can
It moves and tells you where it goes
She flows, truer than rivers
It’s freedom to change course, Unstoppable
Blows across the sands of time
It picks up waves that crash into shores
Her smile is the reason eagles fly
When sadness consumes this planet
Her spirit is softened, left wanting
She’ll die right off, as if she isn’t there
But she is, she is the air!
Without her sweet embrace
The circle of life would fade
Drought will settle the plains
For no rain would be carried by winds
Birds will be perched to tired to fly
Without the aid of the wind below its wings
The earth will shrivel up to dust
Settling on a bed of crust
Until her fury awakens to stir up the heavens
She’ll puff from her snout
She’ll blow from her mouth
The past, that rests, is set to blast
Tornados spinning
Hurricanes thrashing
Mother Nature purifying
Filling my lungs with her cruel perfume
The emotions of smell consumes
Draws me to taste the fumes
That rise from spewing craters
Like a super nova detonator


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