The Damage Done

It’s mellow burn comes with every drag of a cigarette
Blue-Grey smoke twirls, ash glows, lighting a regret
Words that were harshly spoken, heart split a silhouette
How many times will I recall, the moment of the fall
It spiraled, at terminal velocity
It pummeled, it rocked the earths gravity
Shaking its core
With, I don’t love you anymore
Words never meant to give
Can you forgive?
The damage done, I know
Another drag
Of a loosely rolled fag
Scorching the eyes red
A tear flows dead
Will it ever go away, this sadness?
Consumed by madness
The damage done, I know
Your image appears
Through smoke filled tears
Watching you glow
Ignoring my hello
Holding my tongue
My words worth a penny a ton
Hard to do, letting it go
The damage done, I know


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