I Am High On You

I read
I indulge
I bake with the words your piece sets…
I Am High On You

As the herb enters delivering its punch
Your words mixed with a buzz
Blissful or morose…
Makes Me Sigh

From your sultry poetry
Strumming heart-strings
Leading in rhythm…
That Comes To Climax

From the demons reaching from below
To the pain and suffering inked in prose
Grasping at your cloak, so close…
It Stains The Soul

Your words breathe life
On pages once blank
Stroke for stroke…
Tears Left Smudged

With every word
My heart, beats twice as fast
As thoughts expressed go…
Bursting In Air

Eyes flutter
Over versus designed
With a strobe light effect…
As Your Words Rise

High as the vibe that flows in my veins
Boiling red it invades my head
Causing a spin…
At Terminal Velocity

Feeding on your ecstasy
Drinking in your revelry
Feeling swipes of your melody…
Your Words Rise, Heavenly