Lavender Fields

Take me to a place that intoxicates. Where swells of purple coloured hues, conducts my eyes to open wide and breathe. A gentle dance does sway, by the winds caress, that swirls the fragrance to twirl. Like a ballerina, whose limbs rise high to meet the sky, among the clouds that feather off her hips, do sigh. Shades of light and dark yet their smell equally drives divine. For a spirit to rest its soul, where angel harps play during the day and newly winged soldiers appear past dusk, playing a new kind of rhyme. The music got harder and faster. It got louder and meaner. From rock and roll to rhythm and blues. Jammin’ to the Island beat and cha cha cha to Latin heat. Shot and mangled, nameless and tagged. Carried to a place where poppies grow wild. Head stones lined row over row. The lines lead a path for the soul to go. Away from this place “lest we forget” that holds the memory of war. Take me, to a place that intoxicates.


I tried to find a pic to accompany but failed. hopefully you can feel an image from the poem. thanks for all the recent likes with special thanks to my friends who recently shared a page with me in collaboration HugsπŸ™βž°β€οΈ

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