The Perfect Cup ~ a collaboration of Art and Poetry

If I were blind, I would know she was here
Her perfume wafts through the shop’s air
Breathing her in, my morning muse sparks
The lady whose latte is poured from my heart
A stainless steel pitcher warms in my palm
The steam raises the stakes for the perfect cup
My nerves tingle to wish her a good morning
Her smile captures mine, leaves me yearning
The aroma escapes from freshly pressed coffee
Filling it up with milk, steamy hot and frothy
Finishing it off with a heart shaped top

I present it to her, wait and watch
My anticipation climbs
And stops me from moving
Holding my breath
Until her first sip is taken
Like a kiss from sleep awaken

Other customers can wait, my heart just might break
My love for her is more than I can take
The rush hour line, is now out the door
But she’s the only beauty here on the floor
The look on her face, made mine drop
Perhaps I made it too steamy hot
Oh no, I’m hanging my head low
She doesn’t like this coffee, it’s clear, I know
But she whispers sweetly; let’s try a new brew
Just so you know, Sir, I come here for you
And your heart, that you put on top

Drawing by ~ Mr. Modigliani
Poetry by ~ AntönyRös & Mr. Modigliani

A new collaboration.
I have admired Mr. Modigliani’s work for some time and his passion for life how it weaves through and touches the soul. He is no stranger to this community but if for some reason you have not crossed paths with Mr. M, please visit his blog Mr. Modigliani’s Private Studio
please visit and enjoy

Mr M, thank you for this opportunity to share a moment with you.

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