Nectar of a Poem

Have come to know, to taste, the sweet, sweet nectar of a poem
Comes from thoughts, inspired by emotion, that ignites a fiery passion
A poet does, brush the words, that paints a picture
A canvass filled, with life of its own, desired to be stroked and owned
Submitting to an authors command in a wielding verse
A sword with lines as sharp as a razor, that flows, smooth like a meandering river
Heart pounding horror, blood soaked terror, demons at night who rein havoc
Sonnets of ladies wearing bonnets, in gardens, placing flowers in baskets
The dark side of the moon, cries of pain, a lonely loon on a lake strains
The happy and cheerful, making us feel wonderful, a misty, that’s coloured magical
The hot and spicy, kiss and tell, mind blowing orgasms, screams of heaven and hell
Pussy Galore, Bonds sly smile, a pistol packed and ready to explore
Haikus and prose, free writes that excite, a form is a form not all can conform
Short or long, every word and line, no matter what, it’s fine
A poem is a feeling that comes from the soul, it’s breath beats a pounding toll
Pages written and ripped from the spine, tossed aside, more crap for the eyes
Rewrites and edits, credits and notes, sharing thought provoking quotes
Have come to love, to taste, the sweet, sweet nectar of a poem


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