Nursery Rhyme

Once upon a time
A hare
Dressed in jacket, shirt and tie

Began a story to tell
To keep
All the children’s minds at bay

Huddled together
Eyes wide
Listening, as they all drift away

The roof opens up to expose
The sky
A blanket of blue with soft pillowy clouds

Humming birds flutter
A buzz
As they streak and zip with zigs and zags

Blue birds fly by with one who is black
He lands
On the ground with wings still spread out

With a beady stare, dark as coal
A caw
Shoots from his wide open mouth

Clearing his throat this feathered tenor sings
A song
Written from a time long gone

Words sweetly echo as the children strain
To hear
The rhyme in a melody that draws a smile

The wheels on the bus go round and round
He sings
As they all join in…all through the town

One by one taking turns shouting out
In time
A swish, a beep and a clink

The driver on the bus says
Move back
They all reply…all through the town

The baby wah’s as the mommy shushes
The bell
Does a ding-ding-ding, a sound to stop

The end of the song comes up, as one they say
Their name
We had a nice ride, now let me off

Blackbird stretches out his wings
To start
Another nursery rhyme, because children never get enough

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