The horizon sends in waves of welcome to this island paradise. Skin feels the yearning burn of the suns blazing heat. Seduced by the winds, spraying salty kisses that the sea whispers. Good fare, bountiful and spread.

Meet me in Barbados…

Lay in the sun sipping fruity drinks spiked with a little fun
Nibble away, any time of day, what do you say?
Walk the beach, side by side, feet cooled by the sea
Sea shells cupped to an ear, to hear the oceans roar
Dream of the dream you’ve always wanted to be real
Take the step, out from your life, one week is all I ask
Dip in the pool or ride the surf on a board
Dance to the music, the palms crave to sway
Stars fill the sky, the night lights up, a disco ball effect
Lips would touch, the moon would silhouette
A moment in time that forgets, except for the now
Strip to the bare, the air fights to cool
The heat from flesh, to hot to handle, fool
Blood flowing smooth like a river of lava
Steaming like a cup of java
Kisses upon kisses, so great, Zeus would applaud
The union of two, stuns him to watch
Vibes from within, sync in time with waves
The crashing sounds penetrate with every thrust made
Harder, faster, time speeds through a galaxy
Streaming comets flare on a head to head collision
Impact streaks a fire works explosion in orgasm
Sleep in my arms till a new day, what do you say
Meet me in Barbados?


gonna be off for awhile. peace and love πŸ™βž°β€οΈ