What’s In A Poem

The morning rise that fills the sky
With light from the east, would grow bright and high
The air that swirls, breathing in, a gentle sigh cries
So beautiful a blue, brushed across, side to side

Nostrils flair, a scent invades, the head raves
Buzzing tongue, a tingle leaves, heart to crave
The beating beat, pounding loud, wave over waves
Float on by, with wings spread wide and crested brave

From within the soul does live, to sing a song of love
Where spirits pour, a cup runneth over, from above
Silence broken, on whispered words, whereof
A promise made, in honour bequeathed to one of

The only smile that draws a mime to clutch the heart
Embrace the space, to bring to breast as art
When streaks flash by tearing his dream apart
Blackbird flying off, alone in the dark