The Bucket List Series ~ The Dead Kennedys & Us

My honour to write with the talented word slinger Wetbliss on another instalment of the Bucket List series. Truly a gift to share lines with her. Make sure you visit her blog. She’ll make you feel

Wet Bliss

Written by: AntönyRös (Bold) & Wet Bliss

The morning after the Masquerade


Peering out of one eye looking around a bit surprised
Quietly hit the loo to take a leak, then brush hairy teeth
Slipping back in bed placing gentle kisses on forehead
With a protruding nudge urging his baby to wake up
Last night was fun, but they both were too drunk to fuck

Whispers in a smooth, as a raspy voice would allow
His breath heats her ear, I want you baby, I need you now
A smile curls to the delight in rise of her sleepy eyes
Spooning, feeling the caress, kisses on her neck
Wet, the tingle that signals she wants it just as bad


A morning stretch, hand on breast, back pressed
Ass wiggling yes in response, grinds against hard cock
Sliding in between, a look back, eyes and lips meet
Bodies join intuitively moving…

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