When I Look Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes,
I melt from the ice that cools my veins.

Blood rushing overheats,
sweat pours, drips from my flesh.

Heat boils from the pit of my core,
like a volcano roars before it soars.

Eruption flows, lava oozes slow,
as it blows a mighty force.

Shake the ground,
standing on.

Skip a beat,
of my heart.

Let it bang,
a drummers song.

Sweep a snare,
a vibrating stare.

When I look into your eyes,
I hunger for a midnight ride.

Saliva pools, dreaming of a taste,
her lips to kiss, like a drug, lust laced.

The buzz in my head spins the room,
intoxicating slide, speeding down from the moon.

A rush playing music overtakes all,
the stars applaud like lighters in a concert hall.