True Love

In the light of a pale moon glow
Drifting thoughts, saddening flow
A lonely soul trapped in a boat
Making wishes for dreams to float
Rising high above the midnight sky
Prays to the sea, clouds begin to cry
With each drop touching down
His sorrow matched by a frown
A life in search of, not just any
But for the one, to take away misery
Somewhere over that rainbow
He’ll find her, perhaps tomorrow
Fate does have a way, it’s called destiny
When two would be found, joined in unity
She, filled by his love and devotion
He, taken by her heart of passion
The ocean swells, reflects and sparkles
The moon and stars, brightly marvel
At a first kiss
In eternal bliss
The warm night air would fill the space
Held in loves tender embrace
Shedding rags of silk
Tongues licking honey-milk
Flesh heated by touch
The essence of such
With each rush that craves
Kissed by the rolling waves
Their love echoes like beacons
Signals sent across the oceans
Reaching lonesome souls
That love would make whole
True love does not have a happy ending
True love, has no ending


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