When Two Stars Collide

Into the wild, chasing the wind
That carries a scent, to another world
Hugging trees, standing tall
Skimming leaves, waving goodbye

The forest disappears, flying by
On wings, white as snow
Eyes that gleam, a vision serene
The sun makes them glow

A calm up above, in awe of the sea
Midair dance, leading her on
Waves snap, whitecaps break
Sprays towards the clouds

Eyes meet, for the very first time
A long inhaled breath expels with a sigh
Just the reaction, sparkling attraction
Prayed for this day, a union of two

Souls meant to be, unleashing free
It starts with a touch a pinch if you will
Can it be? Is it you?
Do wishes come true?

Made with the heart
Filling the gaps
That have kept them apart
Except in their dreams

A kiss to seal
Locking lips
They become one
A delectable meal

Her hands slowly glide
From his neck to his chest
He takes her in
Carnal sin

Exposing flesh
Their rags laid to rest
Curves that form
A perfect match

Songs in their heads
Play along to their moves
Lips seldom part
Except to moan and shout

Filling her whole
A desire fulfilled
With each thrust
Their souls flow

His hot breath
Invades her ear
Tingles and vibrates
He whispers dear

Waiting a lifetime
To say these words
That she may hear
These truths of his

He loves you
Because of you
Nothing more or less
Can compare

Gold would tarnish
Jewels would fade
Silks would tear
And wine would sour

As night fills with twinkles
Their bodies warmed blissful
An explosive ride
When two stars collide


9 thoughts on “When Two Stars Collide

  1. Ax, this is beautiful, as all your writings are. The picture you paint leaves me wanting to kiss your lines. Such stunning imagery depicted with masterful strokes of bold and subtle sensuality.

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