I Yam, What I Yam

Sweet with a sloppy disposition
Looney ‘toon creation
Swashbuckling seaman
Trapped in a comicstrip scheme’n
Swee’pea’s being cute
Fallen down a chute
Find a burger, find Wimpy
Sells his soul, hot and steamy
Olive Oyl drives him crazy
Misadventures happen daily
Being lured by a brute
Whose purpose is to loot
Have a way
In that way
Makin whoopie
Boogie oogie oogie
This little hen won’t give up the house
Brutus quickly turns into a louse
Popeye tries to talk it out calmly
But ends up clobbered broadly
Screams from his girlfriend
Stiffens his spine to defend
Downs a can of spinach
Popping muscles on a stern visage
Marches in to save the day
A single blow, blows Bluto away
Olive by his side holding tight
A kiss that toots his pipe
“I yam, what I yam”
Now scram


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