If You Could…

If you could…
Hear a sound, long forgotten, never not
Would it be from natures whispers, or
A voice of a love that you miss so much

If you could…
Inhale a scent that would tickle your nose
Would it draw an image to strike a pose
Mimic anothers, you’ve longed to hold

If you could…
Recall a feast and taste its goodness
Shared in peace with man or beast
When thanks are given, to those in heaven

If you could…
Open your eyes and visualize
Who would it be, you yearn to see
Someone near, far or beyond the stars

If you could…
Hold to touch, to feel a beat
Ride the rhythm for a moment
Breathe together, to the maximum limit

Wish a wish
What would you wish
If you could wish
For a wish


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