No More

I’ll drop by, take your hand
Like a breeze that is fanned
Whisk you out, about we go
Don’t worry, we’ll start off slow
It’s okay for the world to see
Let’s just be, you and me
Crusin’ with the wind blowin’
Singin’ along to the radio playin’
Mumblin’ when we can’t remember lyrics
Laughin’ soothes the hearts wanting spirits
Take my hand, as we walk on by
Under clouds that float in the sky
Remember the time when you tried
To hold another, as they cried
Compassion is born from a heart of gold
It lives, it wants to breathe with courage bold
March alongside, young and old
Demanding what Forefathers told
Liberty is in the pursuit of happiness
To love, laugh, live in a world of peacefulness
Reach another, take their hand
Believe in the right to stand
Side by side, chant and shout
No more, no more killings found