Opportunities come from unexpected places
Beware, they all come with two sided faces…

Sweetly surprised, swept off feet to rise
That floating feeling swells the eyes
Tingling, talking, anticipating kissing
Sweat between breasts, barely breathing
Finally meeting
Two lips quivering
Swiped with gloss, what lipstick does
Smeared from passions, wanting lust
Teething tethers, harness clasping
Saliva drips off chin, quickly lapping
Kisses hard, leaving traces
Slaps his ass, she makes funny faces
Bound in leather, cock on hold
Nipples clamped and burning cold
Wooden paddle named Jolly Roger
Lands with might, makes him holler
Calls her name with a thank you smile
Another one flys a blistering mile
Leaving welts that blush a rosy red
Draining blood from his bulging head
“Not yet”, she says, “not time to come”
“There’s more come, I’ll say when done”


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