A Cottontail Hare in a Graveyard Cruise

Scurry about between trees, bushes and cars
Hopping down the street, what’s that? a pause
To see what flashed into view, is it you?
Out at night when the sky is a midnight-blue
Cool May ‘eve that soothes your mellow heart
A solitaire stroll in silent thought held hard
Follow along over curbs and flowering pots
Just to see, where you lead, a sigh! if carrots
Dark is the alleyway, a sense of fear appears
What compels to carry on but with pointed ears
Any rush or sudden jolt, bolt up and hop away
This cottontail hare is aware to keep danger at bay
Unrest spirits lay, row on row marked with a stone
Dried stems in vases once colourful and bold
Forgotten souls left underground and alone
Their visitors now gone to a grave of their own
Flowers sway like the sea does wave
Guarded by angels, with souls to save
Cards and letters, lovely messages written
To the missing of those recently departed
A cottontail hare in a graveyard cruise
Follows along, side by side, a poets muse
Little one with a bushy tail, thank you
As I walk through a cemetery in the company of you