No One Left Out

Always looking back
Could it be home or just another trap

So many stops along the way
Coast to coast in a flowing sway

Seasons come and go, the hardest
When leaves wave through the air bringing sadness

Watching time go by, think
The wonders missed, so don’t blink

Leaving on a… jet plane
Blazen off a sweet maryjane

City sounds all around
Feel the vibe come up from the ground

Lonely stranger in a new town
Fearless street walker with a frown

Bumming cigarettes and coins
Cons on the prowl, hookers grabbing loins

Patios die when chairs stacked high
No one buys when there’s no 9 to 5

Money breeds from money in hand
Share the wealth from corporate-land

Revive the dignity of humanity
Save the earth from imminent catastrophe

Change the laws to equal all
Stop these wars that yield a fall

The story of Adam and Eve is just a story
It was meant to portray Eden as a gift of glory

Man, woman and creatures throughout
No one left out, religion wasn’t a-thought


(just the weed, exploding in my head)

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