Touches Her There

Her eyes see the first in him
Beware, what he does leads to happy or grim
Each stride, each step, skips in time
Her heart beats with his heel in rhyme
Closer, closer, his scent melds with her own
Intoxicating rush, they’d swear, doves flown
His voice greets, her ears hear
A pleasant accent, deep, soft and dear
Exchanging glances towards attraction
So far so good, going in the right direction
Eyes, how they smile when calling her name
It echoes the syllables lyrical, igniting a flame
Silverware and stemmed glasses of wine
Drunken sapiosexuals hot off the vine
Devouring their hunger, dessert is at home
Under stars on a balcony, inhibitions roam
A kiss to wet lips, kissed with a sweet creed
To vow, to love, to strip, to heed, this wanting need
Touches her there, where submission is art
Makes her feel safe, to the depths of his heart


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