Courage Failed

A rouse about the day, it was, as is possessed in pain
Sundays are mundane, swirling down sorrows drain
Hatred spews like lava spits then flows
Consuming life in deathly woes
Devils message lit with fire
Words entice a rampage dire
Ignites the past where wrong was right
To benefit the ones who reap from lies
Toil and sow through sleepless nights and bitter days
Sadness strikes to feed a belly when hunger aches
Drawn to beg and steal in crime
With nothing left but an act sublime
Standing tall with a will to thrive
A beating heart that beats alive
Pounding deep inside, vomits dry
Trigger held with a rigid cry
Courage failed when the hammer felled
Smoke left floating, a yearning quelled
One last breath spilled out with blood
The end, the end has finally come