Blood red ink scribed across parchment sewn
Absorbed into black, where darkness is born

Thorns prick, droplets drip, taste of honey trips
Drugged from a low, a sorrow heart skips
Pumped with a fix to rise and awake
Surged with courage, the earth quakes
Toe to toe, eyes on eyes, locking lips, kiss, kiss
Take a chance and kiss me, kiss me, miss
Feel the beat pound and pound against
Breathe in sync, slow enough for an artist to paint
Hold and grasp. Bite with might
Feel the bliss. Overwhelm this
Take the chance. Unzip pants
Shed the weight of man made rags
Touch skin to skin. Love making, is not a sin
Rush of want, feeds the need for a night
A journey through flesh, soul and mind
Walk away without regret except to say
We’d share an island as castaways

Blood red ink scribed across parchment sewn
Fading in a leather bound cover, forever closed