One Night In Paradise

Let’s start off slow, pour wine, talk about love…

How we crave a summer filled with laughter
Sandals and sneakers off on a beach deserted
Filling the air with a feeling beyond compare
At ease with a soul whose as calm as me
In peace would we talk about life and the right to be
Could it, would it, ever turn into something more?

Hello, goodbye, repeats, day after day
Every night, the goodbyes, are farther apart
Stretching time, is it possible, like a miracle
Hours become days, how can it fly by so fast
I haven’t kissed you yet, from fear and regret
Would I lose a friend, who I love more than sex

One night in paradise, time is paralyzed
Nothing moves except me and you
Lips locking, limbs wrap round like vines
Pressing, pushing, thrusting, thoughts sublime
Is it a dream when your scent is so real
It could be my mind, playing tricks surreal


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