Wailing screams through the night
The sound of crying, someone’s plight
A promise made, an oath betook
In misery, let not honour, be thy rook
Truth is truth, a one of a kind
Like finger prints and eyes, don’t lie
Speak as an arrow flys, slicing air
Straight to the point, let courage dare
Lead a life, stand up and fight
A voice, one voice that multiplies

Wailing screams through the day
The sound of crying, voices held at bay
A march for our lives against tyranny from inside
Church and State, deceive and deprive
To follow rules, they do not abide
The truth is there right before our eyes
End this hated life we lead to kingdom come
If God is real, he’lł tally up the sum
Don’t be surprised if we’re all going to hell
No amount of crying will prevent that final bell


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