Water Dancer

A forgotten reminder
Found floating under water
One gulp of air braved
For the final dance saved
Birthed from mother’s womb
Drowned in oceans tomb

China doll sinks below
Wishes for a tail to grow
A mermaid to comfort
Sailors who covet
Passing round rum
Whistling “a pirate I am”
Lured by a vision, a beauty queen
Strikes a pose like the goddess Norma Jean

The sound of silence roars
At a time in space a planet forms
It births the living, one can imagine
The beauty created as if with magic
Earth spread wide covered green
Trees lined up to mountain peaks
Valleys, lakes, rivers that spill
To the ocean, deep, dark, muffled still
Darwin’s dream, is it real? Where from
A crystalline sea, the start and end comes