A Sanity Assailed

Sunlight dances through leaves off vines
To touch the earth on this morning rise
Crisp autumn air left beads of crystal ice
Spooning grapes, dangling, wanting, to be wine

Drunk on the nectar of the gods
Gives courage to sing a song aloud
Dance about, frolic, in happy thoughts
Spreading joy, leaving smiles abound

Taste of wine, on lips, divine
Quick to kiss, a kiss’ sublime
Sends a rush, a hush, be mine
Forevermore, one glass at a time

Sober comes, when pain invades
Screams inside, a story creates
Silence broken, sliced by blades
Splattered blood, on a paper chase

Vineyards deep, beyond what lays
Lost in sleep, a final breath exhaled
Counting sheep, to end all days
Bottles deep, a sanity assailed


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