Thin Ice

A walk in the dark through a forest lost
Tracks laid deep in snow to the knee
A burden toiled every step spoils
Virgin dust of liquid frost
White, pure, demure

Sadness cooled by the cold night air
The burn, on flesh bare, turns white the hare

Stumbled out, a clearing found
Lined by trees and mountain peaks
Glide along, on a frozen lake
Heavy load, thin ice breaks
The further out, the deeper goes

Centre point, a pirouette, taking in the last breath
Catch a glimpse, wink at natures bliss

A shock to the core turns off the heat
All the senses heighten except for smell
Sight is the first to go from what follows
Awoken in the arms of an angels glow
After death or saved from drowning


3 thoughts on “Thin Ice

  1. Hi there!! I am so incredibly lucky to have stumble upon your poetry! You have such a way with words— your prose is whimsical, heartfelt, and original all at once. And yet there’s this underlying piece of humanity layered within it… it’s rather gorgeous, actually. I’m very happy to have found you and look forward to reading more of your works! ~Kelsey 😄

    1. Hello Kelsey
      I am humbled beyond words. Thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliment. Truly a gift received.
      As soon as I have a moment I’ll visit your blog.
      Hope all is well in your part of the world. Cheers


      1. It was my pleasure, Antony! And I’ll probably be stopping by yours again to see some “oldies but goodies” as well when I have more down time! lol
        That would be greatly appreciated, but not necessary. Just like spreading the positive vibes when I can!
        All is well here. Have a great rest of your day! Best, K

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