Death of a Poet

Poems flowing in syllables broken by beats
A comma produces a pause, like taking a turn on the streets
Trying to make you feel, as you read these words of a poets piece…

Moonlit sky on a peaceful night
The black of space is blue tonight
Gaze upon a single star
Searching for words from afar
How can a poet describe what he sees
If he doesn’t, feel the moment, it appears

Clouds that barely move, covers the moon
Sweep across its back, a blank consumes
Wordless, a disease of the mind
When creation is hard to find
How can a poet describe what she sees
When her heart, only feels, the tease

Fighting the void by throwing in thoughts
Jumbled, mumbled, conjugates not
A phrase that would meld to tell
The death of a poet, fell
How can a poet describe what it sees
When it can’t, see the forest, for the trees


drawing by missmagicgirl on deviant art